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We are an international branch of BDT Viken Regnskap AS. We offer accounting and advisory services. The company BDT Viken has a long history – it was established in 1979 and now has dozens of employees, including a number of authorised accountants and auditors.

Expertise, quality, experience, and availability are the key guidelines in our everyday cooperation with our Customers. We offer A-to-Z accounting services (e.g. accounting, wages, balance sheets, annual statements, VAT representation, and starting a business).

Effectiveness and affordable prices

Our team offers e-accounting which facilitates your and our work. With the use of the Visma or Tripletex electronic accounting systems, we are able to significantly reduce our working time – which is then reflected in the price – without compromising on the high quality of our services. Our Customers can also deliver their documents in the traditional way, if that is what they prefer. Above all, e-accounting is about improved safety of storing your data.

Making work easier

With an app and direct electronic access to your accounts, you can keep track of the growth of your business, retrieve receipts or invoices, and assess and plan the future of your business. With the app, your employees will be able to record expenditure, working hours spent on projects, etc., thus facilitating your day-to-day operations.

Our branch offers accounting services starting from NOK 500 excl. VAT, which makes us one of the most competitive partners on the market.

DIY solutions

We also offer the ability to keep your own accounts, issue invoices and make payments with the simple, economical Tripletex system. Our staff can help you get the hang of the system.

VAT representation and support for foreign businesses

We have years of experience with foreign businesses. You can count on our professional support in terms of VAT representation, settlements for foreign companies, or contacting authorities.

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Accounting from A to Z

BDT Viken is a professional accounting company with qualified staff offering auditing and comprehensive accounting services to foreign companies, in particular Scandinavian businesses operating in Poland, and our Norwegian offices offer comprehensive accounting services to Norwegian and international businesses operating on the Norwegian and international markets.

Our mission is to make your financial management easier, so that you can focus on developing your core business.

Our accounting services include:

  • recording and circulation of documents,
  • keeping the accounts,
  • report on company activity,
  • budget,
  • wages,
  • invoicing,
  • annual statements, balance sheets,
  • tax returns,
  • VAT returns and assessments,
  • employee payments,
  • fixed assets and depreciation,
  • bank transfers,
  • financial control,
  • customer representation before public authorities,
  • financial audit,
  • financial statement audits,
  • accounting audit,
  • financial control,
  • financial control,
  • preparation of statements for the auditor.

BDT Viken also offers e-accounting, providing customers with a competitive edge thanks to the access to our expertise and modern technologies.

Independent accounting

With the Tripletex system, you can keep your own accounts (e.g. invoicing, wages calculation, simple document posting, and VAT reporting).

Upon signing an agreement, we offer easy training on how to use the systems.

The Tripletex system includes mobile apps that can automatically register expenditures of your employees through photos and enter them into the pay system. In this way, you can avoid multiplying paper documents and facilitate the flow of information.

Tripletex hotline is free of charge. Our level of involvement in your accounting will depend on you. Our company, as a controller and consultant, will take care of your annual balance sheet (if we include that in the agreement).

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Professional support with your accounting and contacts with Norwegian public authorities.


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